Cholnoky Foundation Awardees

Imre Korányi Fellows

Through the generous support of the Thomas Cholnoky Foundation (founded in 1986), generations of talented Hungarian engineers have had the opportunity to spend one academic year of research at leading universities of the United States of America. The awardees receive the prestigious Dr. Imre Korányi Civil Engineering Fellowship which was established by Thomas Cholnoky (1923-2018), and named after his mentor, Professor Imre Korányi, a distinguished professor at Cholnoky’s alma mater, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The scholarship offers full financial support, including travel expenses and subsistence, to the recipients. Many of the former Korányi Fellows became influential figures in the scientific and engineering community.

Belwo we give the complete list of Korányi Fellows and their host institutions::

Name of the recipientYearHost institution
Tamás BALOGH1987University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
István BÓDI1988The University of Texas at Austin
László DUNAI1989Lehigh University
László KOLLÁR1990Stanford University
János LÓGÓ1990University of Michigan
Katalin BAGI1991Cornell University
Gábor DOMOKOS1992University of Maryland at College Park
István SAJTOS1992Cornell University
Béla CSÍKI1994University of California at Berkeley
Klára LEDNICZKY1996University of California at San Diego
Balázs VÁSÁRHELYI1997Massachusets Institute of Technology
Nándor LIEGNER1998 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Krisztián HINCZ2001Weidlinger Associates Inc.
György KÁROLYI2001University of Arizona
Tamás LOVAS2001The Ohio State University
Anita SZABÓ2002 Stanford University
Gabriella TARJÁN2002 Stanford University
Sándor ÁDÁNY2003John Hopkins University
Róbert NÉMETH2004 Cornell University
Nauzika KOVÁCS2006Georgia Institute of Technology
Péter VÁRKONYI2006Princeton University
László Gergely VIGH2007 Stanford University
Piroska ZALETNYIK2008 The Ohio State University
Tamás KRÁMER2009NOAA Great Lakes Research Laboratory
Attila László JOÓ2010 Lehigh University
András Árpád SIPOS2010 Cornell University
Gábor JAKAB2011 University of California at San Diego
Dezső HEGYI2012California Institute of Technology
Sándor BARANYA2013University of Iowa
Tímea SZABÓ2014University of Pennsylvania
Ádám ZSARNÓCZAY2017 Stanford University
Balázs KÖVESDI2018 The University of Texas at Austin
Gergely TÖRÖK2019 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Róbert NAGY2021 The University of Texas at Austin