Special Load-bearing Structures – MSc program

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Special Load-bearing Structures – MSc program


Lecturer: Dr. Hegyi Dezső
Course admin: Dr. Gáspár Orsolya


Special Load-bearing Structures – MSc program

The course aims to make the students familiar with the basic structural behaviour of the special load-bearing structures, such as large span-, tall- and spatial structures. In specific, the following topics are covered: (1) large span, bent structures such as prestressed beams and slabs, transverse girders, deep-beam etc. The role of geometry in the structural behavior is highlighted during the discussion of (potentially) bending-free structures, such as (2) shell structures (3) arches and vaults (4) tensile structures (cables and membranes), and (5) space frames. The structural behavior of high-rise buildings (6) is also discussed, with special emphasis on their ability to withstand horizontal loads, such as wind and earthquake.

Course description:

  • Large span structures, transverse girders
  • Shell structures
  • Arches and vaults
  • Cable structures
  • Membrane structures
  • Space frames
  • High-rise buildings
Further contents: