Every year, the TDK (Scientific Student Conference) is held at the Faculty of Architecture. At the conference, students will present their scientific work beyond the university curriculum. These works may be carried out by students in groups or individually under the direction of a lecturer in the department.

The papers can be theoretical works or can be prepared as summary work, for example, on interesting types of structures and buildings. The departmental staff who are most knowledgeful of the topic or who are closest to the student are happy to help with the preparation of the thesis.

If you feel like doing such a job, you should contact Orsolya Gáspár, Head of Department, Dezső Hegyi, Gábor Domokos,lecturer in Strength Studies, or the instructor you think is a consultant. If you do not have a specific idea about the topic of the thesis, all you know is that you would like to deal with materials related to the department more, feel free to contact us!


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