Demonstrator competition

Demonstrator competition


We are also waiting for demonstrators to apply in the first semester of the 2021/22 academic year! The mentoring program continues. Join the teaching activities of the department.

The deadline for submitting the demonstrator’s application is 3 September 2021. 12:00 . The conditions of the application and the method of application can be found on the faculty website.
To apply, please send the completed form here to Anikó Pluzsikby e-mail. The form shall also give the average of the grades of their strength/supporting structure objects.

It is not possible to apply for mentoring only, besides mentoring you also have to perform educational curriculum development tasks (50-50%). Mentoring is not mandatory, it is possible to ask only for curriculum development work. When entering the chosen task/tasks in the application form, please also write their application to the instructor who issued the task.

A selection of last year’s demonstrator curriculum development works can be found here

 In this academic year, students are invited to apply for the following tasks:

Mentoring: Holding small group consultations, individual catch-up Introduction, Strength I, Modeling of supporting structures, Special supporting structures from subjects

Learning analysis: Analysis of statistical data and course activities collected by Moodle for the development of new methodological proposals (aim: increase efficiency by learning about and matching the learning habits of students) – Dr. Pluzsik Anikó

Collect, test, and present up-to-date, electronic, interactive note-making techniques through a simple example.The goal is to create browser-viewable educational materials (such as this,which takes advantage of LaTex’s word processing capabilities (formatting formulas, automatically generated cross-references), but, unlike the linked example, it also includes videos and embedded 3Ds interactive geometric models. All the information about the necessary tools can be found on the net, but they are not collected and tested in one place. Dr. Peter Várkonyi

Strength I: – Search for explanatory videos related to the curriculum on the Internet/ making them in the lab or in home conditions, developing interactive tasks with Geogebra program, example library expansion – Dr. O. Agnes Chicsly

Basic mechanics: A second-year student interested in physics, help in the conduct of the class, collecting “what is good” pictures and videos – Dr.  Pluzsik Anikó

Special supporting structures: Creating example libraries, developing student resources, drawing figures – Dr. Gáspár Orsolya

Wooden supports: Drawing figures, creating a sample library – Dr. Nicholas Armuth


– Structural analysis of buildings – development of an interactive database, learning support – Dr. Gáspár Orsolya

– Laborant work: brick break tests, concrete hand – Dr. Stephen Cheesy