Demonstrator competition

Demonstrator competition


We are also waiting for demonstrators to apply in the second semester of the 2022/23 academic year! The mentoring program continues. Join the teaching activities of the department.

The deadline for submitting the demonstrator’s application is 24 February 2023. 10:00 . The conditions of the application and the method of application can be found on the faculty website.
To apply, please send the completed form here to Anikó Pluzsikby e-mail. The form shall also give the average of the grades of their strength/supporting structure objects.

It is not possible to apply for mentoring only, besides mentoring you also have to perform educational curriculum development tasks (50-50%). Mentoring is not mandatory, it is possible to ask only for curriculum development work. When entering the chosen task/tasks in the application form, please also write their application to the instructor who issued the task.

A selection of last year’s demonstrator curriculum development works can be found here

 In this academic year, students are invited to apply for the following tasks:

Mentoring: Personal consultation for freshmen

Preparing helping study-materials: Makingt numerical examples, interactive helping materials, programs

Strength I – Mária Erdélyiné Tóth

Statics – Rita Vajk

Fundamentals of Structures – Dr. Dániel Vető