Optimal network distribution of grid shell domes


Dr. Orsolya Gáspár




2018 - still running

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Optimal network distribution of grid shell domes

Geodetic patterns also occur in nature, for example, in the structure of radiation animals, certain viruses and macromolecules. It is accepted in the literature and partly proven that the uniformity of the geodetic network is structurally beneficial. The research deals with various aspects of the uniformity of the geodetic network, primarily engineering and geometric. The problems examined were inspired by the work of Walther Bauersfeld (1879-1959), the designer of the first geodetic dome built. The geodetic network is formed by dividing the sheets of a convex sphere polyhedron. Both polyhedrons and the method of network allocation are the subject of scientific studies. Bauersfeld made observations in both areas that are also interesting for the state of the world. He sought to create the most even network possible, which is still a researched area of structural geometry. For the purposes of this research, the parameters it uses to describe the uniformity of the network are particularly interesting. Bauersfeld tried to create an equilateral triangulated globular network in various ways – he was unsuccessful, but the problem is still relevant today, including in cartography and chemistry. This research plan examines the specific issues of covering the sphere with isosceles triangles.