Reinforced Concrete Structures

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Reinforced Concrete Structures


Lecturer: Dr. Sipos András Árpád
Course admin: Árva Péter


Reinforced Concrete Structures

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the special strength problems, operation and application areas of reinforced concrete structures, up to the depth of design, sizing and ironing design in the case of ordinary monolithic structures. The course also provides information on the most important issues related to flat slab slabs, stretched and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, fire protection of reinforced concrete structures and earthquake resistance of reinforced concrete structures.

Course description:

  • Types of reinforced concrete structures used in practice and their static model. General characterization of structural concrete. Concrete and rebar. The relationship between the two materials. Editorial principles. The three voltage states. Principles of scaling.
  • The load capacity of the structures. Scaling rectangles, T, and other sections for bending. Optimal scales. Sizing for shearing and twisting loads. A combination of stresses.
  • Ironing beams and plates. Construction of beams. Introduction of pulling and crushing forces. The short console.
  • Requirements for the use of supporting structures. Voltage state I, cracking stress. Effect of shrinkage, creeping and temperature changes. Expansion and descent gaps. Voltage state II, deformation of structures and spaciousness of cracks. Options for meeting the requirements.
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. Calculation of stresses based on linear and non-linear theory (voltage states I and III). Two-way load-bearing plates. Flat slabs. Scaling to puncture.
  • Plate breakthroughs, triggers, wreaths. Stairs, base bodies, wall mounts.
  • Central and local pressure. Extrusion and pressure. The load and load range. Oblique external pressure.
  • Wall holders, walls, poorly ironed and unrefined concrete elements. Masonry. Wall systems, braces.
  • Design of prefabricated structures. The design of the nodes. The principle and purpose of tension. Pre- and post-tensioned structures. Principles of scaling, deviations from the sizing of non-stretched structures.
  • Fire resistance of reinforced concrete structures. The basics of scaling theory, the problem of security. Design methodology, expert experience. Computer-aided design of reinforced concrete structures.


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