Strength of Materials I

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Strength of Materials I


Lecturer: Dr. Domokos Gábor
Course admin: Dr. O. Csicsely Ágnes


Strength of Materials I

Strength I. is a mandatory basic engineering object, the subject of which is to determine the strength of the supporting structures. The aim of the training is to explain the theoretical relationships, to present them on examples close to the practice of architecture, and to develop the right skills in solving the tasks.

Course description:

–  Basic concepts of strength science. The Linear Flexibility Act.
– Material model, material law.
– Centered pull, pressure.
– Pure shear, screw and wood joints.
– Rod model, Second moments of area, Normal stresses from bending
– Skew bending
– Eccentric tension and compression in elastic state, core of cross-section
– Eccentric tension and compression in plastic state capacity diagrams
– Bending combined with shear
– Torsion
– Stress states, Principal stress trajectories
– Stress functions: Torsion analogies and high beams
– Differential equation of the elastic line


Further contents: