Strength of Materials I

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Strength of Materials I


Lecturer: Árva Péter, Dr. Várkonyi Péter
Course admin: Dr. Tóth Krisztina


Strength of Materials I

This is a compulsory basic subject in architectural engineering. The course covers special topics in statics and the basics of strength of materials  The main goal is to determine the load-bearing capacity of structures as dictated by strength of their material. The goal of the education is to present the theoretical background, architectural implications and foster basic problem solving skills.

This course replaces the former BMEEPSTA301 course.

Course description:

  • the steps of structural analysis
  • typical structural systems
  • 3D statics: reactions and internal forces
  • extrema of reactions and ebvelope disgrams of internal forces
  • statics of chains, cables and vaults.
  • Modeling of materials, constitutive laws.
  • Concentric tension and compression.
  • Pure shear.
  • Straight bending of rods in elastic state.
  • Skew bending of rods in elastic state.
  • Bending combined with normal force.
  • Structures from materials with no tensile strength.
  • Straight bending of rods in plastic state.
  • Shear combined with bending moment.
  • Capacity diagram of cross sections.
  • Torsion.
  • Planar and spatial stress states.


Further contents: