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Lecturer: Dr. Várkonyi Péter
Course admin: Dr. Fehér Eszter, Rita Vajk, Cao Siwen



Statics is a mandatory basic engineering subject. Its subject is the determination of the equilibrium conditions of rigid bodies and material points, the familiarization of statically definite plane and spatial structures, and the determination of the internal forces and stresses generated in them. The aim of the training is to explain the theoretical relationships, to present them on examples close to the practice of architecture, and to develop the right skills in solving the tasks.

Course description:

The object and basic tenets of statics. Point-acting and flat-plane power system. Equilibrium cases and conditions. Resultant and balancing of flat forces. Support force calculation, simple hinged brackets. Loads on the structure. Determination of loads, construction of structures on top of each other. Record the static model. Stability. Statically determined flat supports that can only be examined on the basis of equilibrium equations: trusses, straight-axis supports, fractional shaft supports, branched supports, three-fold supports, curved supports, statically determined spatial bars. Calculation of internal forces. Usage diagrams. Extreme usage diagrams. Calculation of complex articulated rod structures, wrist forces. Determination of internal force diagrams of articulated structures. Spatial power system. Spatial supports are diagrams of inner force. Tasks of spatial stiffening of plane structures. Center of gravity, center of gravity calculation.


Further contents: