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Lecturer: Dr. Várkonyi Péter
Course admin: Friedrich Dániel



Statics is a compulsory first-year BSc course in architecture, which aims to develop basic engineering skills.  We focus on the basic steps of structural analysis and modeling. We investigate statically determinate structures in two dimensions. Reaction forces and internal forces of these structures are calculated. The theory of statics is presented and its application to building structures is demonstrated.

This course replaces the former BMEEPSTA101 and BMEEPSTA201 subjects.

Course description:

The subject and basic theorems of statics. Vector operations. Concurrent and planar force systems. Resultant and equilibrium of plane forces. Centre of gravity. Elements of a structural model. Loads acting on a structure. Calculation of support reactions. Common types of structures. Construction principles of structures. The concept of statical determinacy. Calculation of internal forces. Trusses, Lattice girders, beams and frames with straight, broken, branching, or curved bars.


Further contents: