Basics of Structural Design

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Basics of Structural Design


Lecturer: Dr. Hegyi Dezső
Course admin: Dr. Vető Dániel, Rita Vajk


Basics of Structural Design

The aim of this course is double. It presents some basic concepts and methods of structural design, while it is also a close-up subject of Special Load-Bearing Structures. The subject helps to understand certain phenomena and concepts of the design of load-bearing structures through simple examples. Our goal is to familiarize students with the basics of engineering thinking and structural design.

Main topics:
– Statics (support reaction forces, internal forces)
– Strength of materials (inertia, stresses, elastic and plastic calculation)
– Strength of materials (statically indeterminate structures)
– Elastic and plastic behaviour of statically indeterminate structures, reinforced concrete structures
– Loading schemes, bending and shear in reinforced concrete structures
– Central and eccentric compression in steel and timber columns
– Central and eccentric compression in reinforced concrete columns
– Frames, Finite Element Method
– Arches, Finite Element Method

Further contents: