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Lecturer: Dr. Sajtos István
Course admin: Dr. Ther Tamás



The aim of the course is to present the finite element method (FEM), its application possibilities and limitations in the case of rod structures, plate structures, slabs, shells, etc. In addition, to draw students’ attention to automated structural design methods (CAD systems), the product of which is the structural plan itself. With all this knowledge, it is possible to manage any type of structural design software (even independently) and develop realistic computer models of real structures. The curriculum covered by the course mainly deals with everyday structural design problems, touching on some specific structural design issues.


Basics of the finite element method, application for the calculation of rod structures and plates.
Introduction: Mathematical basics (matrix calculation, elements of partial differential equations, elements of variation principles).
Mechanical bases (energy method, displacement method).
Principle of FEM: 1. Mathematical approach, 2. Engineering approach.
FEM job types. FEM element families. Convergence criteria.
Application of FEM: 1. Rod structures: In planestructures. Spatial structures. 2. Plates, slabs.
Construction of rod and slab structures.


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