Mechanical problems of circular rods


Dr. Sajtos István

Year: 2020

Mechanical problems of circular rods

Topic description:

The voltage calculation of the circular rods differs from that of straight-axis rods due to the fact that the initial curvature of the rod affects both the value of the voltage and its distribution. Even with a flexible material, the voltage distribution is notlinear , and the result is that constant elongation causes not only normal force, but also bending torque.

The aim of the research is to:

(a) Understanding and further thinking about the flexibility of flat circular curved bars into a plastic material model. Determination of the process of formation of the plastic wrist and calculation of the plastic resistance of the rods with a circular axis.

(b) Elaboration and application of the circular finite element element type for the examination of flat arcs.

For whom it is recommended:

I recommend it to anyone interested in structural structures and their numerical examination, and like to program or want to learn it.