Analytical modelling of FRP strengthened RC beams


Dr. Pluzsik Anikó, Nemessányi Cecília



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Analytical modelling of FRP strengthened RC beams

Reinforced concrete beams are often needed due to deterioration of the structure, change of function or increased expectations, changed requirements. Nowadays, it is a widely used technique to reinforce reinforced concrete beams with composite (FRP). While the dimensioning of reinforcement with laminated FRP plates is also standardized, for other types of gains (e.g. reinforcement with composite rods) there is no standard for designing amplification.
The aim of the research that is now under way is to develop a more accurate analytical rod model for reinforcement with FRP plates that takes into account the partial relationship between the reinforced concrete surface and the composite plate. During the research we plan to examine other types of reinforcements, different methods of destruction, and various structural elements.
We will compare the results of the new analytical model to be created with the solutions of the existing simplified analytical and more accurate numerical models, we will find the applicability limits and expected accuracy of the model. In the course of the research, experiments are also planned for the validation of the developed model. Mapei is open to participating in experiments, allowing the results of the research to be put into practice.