Mathematical Modelling of Mechanical Tasks

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Mathematical Modelling of Mechanical Tasks


Lecturer: Dr. Domokos Gábor
Course admin: Dr. Sipos András


Mathematical Modelling of Mechanical Tasks

The history of mechanics and mathematics is closely intertwined, since several branches of mathematics owe their birth to the tasks formulated in mechanics, and on the other hand, the natural language of mechanical tasks is mathematics itself. In the framework of this optional subject, we present the mathematical formulation of some notable, beautiful mechanical tasks. These tasks are related to structural mechanics, but at the same time we get acquainted with mathematical tools that can be used not only for a much wider range of mechanical tasks, but are also widely used to describe other groups of phenomena. During the mathematical negotiation we rely primarily on the high school material, we assume that the students are aware of the elementary steps of differential and integral calculation. The aim of the course is not to teach mathematical knowledge, but to familiarize it with mathematical thinking. This way of thinking can be used in an area much wider than structural mechanics.

Recommended literature:

Pál Bajcsay: Common differential equations. Technical publishing house, Budapest, 1981.


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